Saturday, December 5, 2009

THE Diabetes Info Session - What I learned

Wednesday of this week, DH and I attended the Diabetes info session that his doctor prescribed. Much was common sense - eat a balanced diet, limit salt, don't smoke, manage stress, keep cholesterol levels normal, exercise .... all things we all need to hear and do.
Most aspects of the suggested diet will benefit me as a weightwatcher, but there are some differences. For me, when I'm determining the points in a serving of a particular food, I look at the calories, the fiber and the fat content.I'm allowed 18 points per day plus 35 additional over the course of a week. But pay attention to the carb grams? Not so much!
DH has to look at the carbs and the fiber. If the fiber is 3 g or more, he subtracts that from the carbohydrate grams. So, if carbs are 30 and fiber is 4, he counts it as 26 g. And the limit for him is 60-75 carbohydrate grams per meal. If he sticks to the lower end, he should lose weight.
He should be testing his blood a couple hours after he's had his meal. I'd like to see him track what he has eaten, then 2 hours later to test his blood and see the effect.
It goes without saying that he should eat more of the Non-Carbs: vegetables, proteins, legumes, meats, cottage cheese, cheese and limited fats. Most of these foods are also very weightwatcher friendly and filling, so they'll be good for me too.
The carbohydrates are: potatoes, corn, rice, pasta, cereal, bread, fruit, milk, yogurt, ice-cream - All the really good stuff! This will not be easy for a bread and sweets lover. The items he loves the most will be like mainlining sugar straight into the bloodstream for him!
We have our work cut out for us!

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