Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cost or Value???

The last 2 days have been a milestone in this Weight Watcher's life. Tuesday started with a tentative "I wonder if these Size 12 pants fit me yet" and , miracle of miracles THEY DID!

My DH thought they looked big, but I think he was just being kind and supportive!

And last night I weighed in at my Wednesday WeightWatcher's meeting - and I had achieved the 25 lb. mark.
That started me thinking about the cost of membership versus the value. I have friends who have told me that they feel that paying $15.00 a week for the privilege of standing on a scale at a meeting an expense they'd rather not incurr. I say anyone who has weight to lose would rather not incurr the cost - IF we could do it alone!
Sure, I've thought about the $15 I shell out every time I weigh in. What would it buy me if I wasn't attending a meeting? A pizza? A few cappucino's? Burgers? Fries? A few additional pounds? The need for larger sized clothing?
The value of the program, on the other hand, is in the tools I've gained in the management of my weight. It's in the weekly guides that I was given in the first 10 weeks - a set of resources to consult again and again. It's in the ability to judge and manage portion size. It's in the ability to recognize the difference between "satisfied" and "full" and push my plate away. (That was a challenge! I always thought I had to eat until I was full!) It's in the satisfaction of knowing I am eating in a healthy manner and preparing healthy meals for the benefit of my DH and myself. It's the skill of being able to work in the foods I love so as not to feel deprived - and still show a drop on the scale. It's in the boost of self esteem I get when I graduate to a smaller size. I could go on......
I have way more to say on the subject of value, but I'll save it for other blogs! (Although it may sound like it, I DO NOT work for WeightWatchers, but I am a happy advocate for the program!

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  1. Congratulations! 25 pounds is a big accomplishment.