Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's all Greek to Me

Warning..this post is WeightWatcher X-rated.

Last night my women's group held a "Surprise Greek Dinner". A perfect activity for a cold and blustery January evening in Winnipeg!
Upon arrival, everyone was given a menu / order form to complete. And - you guessed it - it was in Greek. We had to order by number. The catch - there was no translation. Only the fates (or the 3 organizers) knew what we would be eating for each of the four courses.

I was lucky. My first course arrived.  It was Greek Salad and bread. And a toothpick. No cutlery with which to eat!   Luckily, on the table were breadsticks, carrots and celery - well washed with the "scoop" end intact, so if necessary, could be used as a utensil.

I gave up trying to eat my salad with a toothpick and resorted to using two breadsticks as chopsticks!

It is surprising how resourceful a bunch of women can be when it comes to food! 
Some of the gals were less lucky than I - some had the dessert first.  There were some bizarre combinations - water,toothpick and knife - or salad, main course and napkin. Any number of possible combinations - and all contributed to the hilarity.

All first course items were removed before the next course was served.

Second course for me was coffee, the main dish (which consisted of vegetarian moussaka, spanakopita and lemon potatoes), and a knife. Oh great!  By this time my breadsticks had broken and I had to resort to using a chunk of celery as a scoop.

This picture doesn't do the food justice! It really was delicious - and any thought of tracking points went out the window!  As it was, I couldn't eat all of it and ended up taking a portion of it home.

My third course was water, lemon rice soup and a napkin. The celery had to serve as my spoon because I had yet to receive any usable cutlery!

My final course was dessert (a chocolate shell with fruit) and finally a fork and spoon!  A lot of good they did now!

It was a great evening - such fun. I recommend the activity highly! 

My weightwatcher resolve vanished with the arrival of the first course - but so what!
I'm sure all 35 of my weekly flex points were consumed in that one meal....but I'm still smiling about it. No regrets whatsoever!
The important thing is - I'm back on track today - and maybe I'll dust off that treadmill or engage in some heavy duty cleaning to burn off some of those extra points!


  1. I like the surprise dinner idea...Just not sure why cutlery needed to be excluded.

    I resorted to eating with my hands when at O Noir (restaurant that is pitch black).

  2. That's absolutely hilarious. So much for being dignified. Such a great idea for a fun dinner party.