Friday, January 1, 2010

Flummoxed by Flax?

I recently purchased some Flax Meal at our neighbourhood Bulk Barn. So now what do I do with it? I have been reading of the benefits of flax meal in the "Outsmart Diabetes" magazine, and on the following Web Site:

So I know flax is a good thing for my DH to get into his daily diet. And it's not so bad for me, either, as a WeightWatcher. It's Omega-3 content slows the rate of digestion, making a person feel full longer. For diabetics, it reduces also inflammation and improves insulin resistance. It's also a high fiber food that helps to control blood sugar. So - with all that going for it, how do we incorporate it into our daily diet? It has a pleasant nutty taste that is not at all hard to take.

I keep it refrigerated in a small, easily accessible plastic container since it can go rancid fairly quickly.

Here are the 10 ways I have found in my research - so it should be easy!
1. Sprinkle a tablespoon on your salad
2. Stir some into your soup.
3. Mix it into yogurt or cottage cheese.
4. Add it to pancake mix, waffle mix, banana or quickbreads - even cookies!
5. Add it to breading for chicken. (Using Shake and Bake? Add a couple tablespoons of flax meal to the bag.)
6. Add it to meatloaf or burger mixtures.
7. Sprinkle into breakfast cereal - hot or cold.
8. Use it in a smoothie.
9. Use some in Apple or Fruit Crisp topping.
10. Pretend it's an herb and use it along with seasonings for roasted or pan fried potatoes.

You get the picture - the list could be endless. The flax meal just has to become part of one's daily food prep vocabulary.

Isn't Omega-3 also supposed to be good for memory? I seem to have forgotten! Better get more into my diet!

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